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Interiors Architect - Space Planner

Covington, KY

The Interiors Architect - Space Planner is an integral member of the Corporex Planning, Design, and Construction Team. The candidate will work as part of the Tenant Finish Construction Profit Center. Their team’s primary function is to provide vital strategic planning, resources, and support for the Sales and Leasing teams to secure and serve new and expanding tenants in the Corporex projects being developed. They will also work in unison with Property Management and Facilities Management Group to provide Class A build outs for our tenants and clients, and maintain Class A facilities throughout our vast portfolio. The successful candidate will report to the Director of the Tenant Finish unit. Opportunity for a graduate architect with experience in commercial office and similar layouts and interior finishes as well, to work for a fully integrated design, development, and interiors construction organization. This person will lead the process of laying out spaces that deliver leading edge concepts for workplace layouts and environments. This individual will team up with sales, leasing, development and construction associates to successfully sell and build new transactions, lease buildings, design new facilities for owners – a more fulfilling role than single dimensional tasks. The direction is to design interior finish layouts that are leading edge in respect to current trends and a dynamic changing landscape for employees and employers, with an eye to upgrading and changing the various buildings to meet the demands of the future.

Primary Responsibilities:


Support Corporex Sales and Leasing Team:

  • Update and maintain Asset Stacking Plans (this is essential for our team’s performance)
  • Meet with the prospective tenant/client with a member of our Sales and Leasing team
  • Calculations of USF and RSF for tenant leases
  • Engage in the pre-design phase to work on and develop the programming and space planning to support the tenant/client’s needs and Corporex objectives
  • Assist Sales and Leasing in their responses to RFPs
  • Develop schematic floor plans for preliminary review and approval
  • Perform asset assessments, site surveys, measure and access accurately to identify existing conditions that will result in efficient and cost-effective design and space planning for the prospective tenant/client, and to secure leases, sales, and renewals for the Sales and Leasing team
  • Work with the Sales and Leasing team and the Construction team to develop a schematic plan to advance the prospective lease agreement or sale


Architectural Design and Construction

  • Work with the Construction team and develop and maintain a strict adherence to scope, while complying detailed cost estimates that ensure meeting and maintaining budgets
  • Work through schematic design, development design, and the final construction documents, with the Sales and Leasing and Construction and Development groups to secure the potential lease agreement or sale
  • Work to maintain and ensure ADA compliance and the adherence to code specifications and requirements throughout the development design process
  • Work with Corporex Senior Architect to produce final bid and permit drawings and specifications
  • Communicate effectively and proactively with subcontractors and tenants/clients regarding design and specifications throughout the life of each project
  • Perform site visits and coordination in the field to ensure design and design intent have been communicated and are being fulfilled
  • Review and respond to RFIs regarding drawings, specifications, and design intent. Review and approve submittals and shop drawings specificized on your projects
  • Attend project site meetings and be an integral participant in design coordination and be prepared to make site adaptations due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Work with third party architects, designers, and tenant/client vendors and contractors such as F.F.&E, information and technology, security, and tenant representation
  • Work with tenants/clients, their representation, our Property Management team, to create and execute the completion of punch list and close out documentations for projects
  • Work to maintain and continually enhance Corporex materials and construction resource library
  • As warranted or required, produce and present material boards or selections presentations for both internal projects and potential tenants/clients


Support and Provide Resources for Property Management and Facilities

  • Update and maintain asset stacking plans (this is essential for Property Management)
  • Work with your team and the Property Management team to ensure and uphold Corporex “Building Standards and Design Standards”
  • Update and maintain AutoCAD and PDF drawings for each project and all existing spaces and buildouts for the Sales and Leasing, Marketing, Property Management, and Constructions teams so that they can be accessed easily and directly on a shared drive
  • Work with the Property Management team to update facilities, common areas, lobbies, restrooms, and all design elements to maintain and enhance our assets
  • Work with the Property Management team to ensure and maintain positive tenant/client relationships through cohesive and direct communication predicted on fostering positive lasting relationships


Support and Provide Resources for Corporex Marketing Team

  • The creation of marketing presentations for potential tenant/client space plans and marketing campaigns
  • Site review of current spaces to review functional design plans for new locations, revisioning of existing spaces, or conceptual designs to enhance marketing our assets
  • Provide assistance with graphics or photos of completed projects for presentations for marketing materials



  • Advanced degree with 4-5 years’ experience in space planning and design
  • Ability to manage the responsibilities associated with multiple projects with competency while demonstrating the commitment to good judgement and financial stewardship
  • Service oriented personality to work effectively with the various stakeholders and groups within our organization
  • Proficiency with computer applications commonly used in the construction and design industry such as AutoCAD, contemporary accounting and project management software, etc.
  • Excellent written, verbal, and graphic communication skills
  • Ability to present to small groups in person and online
  • Working knowledge of building codes, ADA compliances, and other applicable regulatory construction and design requirements
  • Any prefer professional licensure, knowledge of SAP, and/or possible LEED certification may enhance consideration