Community Investing

We’re dedicated to building strong communities.

Corporex and its affiliates have a history of working to strengthen our community, with an emphasis on education, healthcare, and social service charities. We make an impact with monetary contributions, event sponsorships, in-kind donations and pro bono professional services that leverage the skills of our development, construction, design, and finance professionals.

Corporex Corporate Giving We Build So You Can Inspire

Corporex is more than just a financial enterprise - through our Corporate Giving Program, our organization and employees provide resources and tools for the people in our communities to be successful.

Event Sponsorships

We support civic and charitable events that benefit our community and align with our company values: integrity, creativity, excellence, service, and growth.

Employee Charity Matches

We support our employees’ community outreach, charity fundraising, and volunteering efforts by matching their donations with additional funds.

Corporate Donations

Throughout the year, we evaluate opportunities to support the communities in which we live through our broad-based corporate giving program.

Offering Help and Hope To Our Neighbors
in Need

Bill and Sue Butler established the Butler Foundation to give back to the Northern Kentucky community, and to inspire others to do likewise.

Strategic Community Investments

Corporex is proud to help launch and support organizations that make a long-term impact on our community. Examples include:

Life Learning Center

Corporex and The Butler Foundation have helped launch and grow Life Learning Center™. Life Learning Center prepares at-risk adults for productive employment and long-term life success through a holistic education, job search training, and individualized life coaching.

Horizon Community Funds of Northern Kentucky

This inspiring local organization considers itself a call to action for those who want to do more to serve the needs of the less hopeful, enhance quality of life, and pave the future for NKY children. This community-wide foundation helps pool resources to improve life for generations.

OneNKY Alliance

OneNKY Alliance transforms Northern Kentucky by uniting and mobilizing leaders around initiatives that produce tangible, measurable results to drive our community forward via education, job growth, health, and community vibrancy.