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Development Operations Manager - Ovation

Covington, KY

Primary Responsibility: The scope of the position includes without limitation assuming responsibility for all the a) Design and Planning of all buildings, landscaping, and other aspect of the physical components of the Ovation project, b) construction cost budgeting and management, c) executing the development and construction of the projects, d) interior and exterior finishes, activities, public areas, and all other activities and functions that are customarily incorporated into the development of projects of this nature.

Reporting: Thomas Banta – Chief Real Estate Officer

Planning/Entitlements : Cause various studies of the master plan, research the various components, i.e. apartments, condominiums, flats, office buildings to determine the best and most effective sizing, designs, themes, services, do’s and don’ts with respect to the design issues. Secure all required entitlements, zone changes, variances and other approvals necessary to permit the intended development.

Design: Working closely with the VP of Design and Construction, cause the orderly and effective design of the various components of the Ovation project, including the planning for the river frontage, recreational and entertainment events, public areas, hardscape, landscape, exterior décor, material selections, and other components unique to the project. Work with the architect to create project design standards, signage guidelines and other standards to ensure a uniform, cohesive project design. Secure architects and engineers, negotiate best pricing and contracts, set schedules for design and engineering in concert with the master project plans, and value engineer in a collective way throughout the process with an eye to saving on each element that is within our control to manage and direct.

Construction: Working closely with the Vice President of Design and Construction, expedite the construction processes to insure maximum effective and value centered construction of the various components of the project. This officer shall have primary responsibility for ensuring that best practices, best pricing, best value is secured in line with the financial goals and the overall financial plans on behalf of the ownership of the project.

Development RFPs: To the extent the ownership elects to have third party developers participate in certain components of the development, this individual shall prepare RFQ’s and RFP’s for the use in the selection of qualified developer for those sections of the development. Present recommendations to the Project Executive and Ownership for the selection of the developers.

Financial/Budget Management: Take responsibility for causing and updating in timely manner all financial plans, budgets, and overall project pro-proformas including without limitation, master budgets on construction and development related costs, individual project budgets, and cost schedules, and manage the project and people subordinate with respect to maintaining such costs, processes for change authority, limitations on authority, policies and practices.

Oversee the accounting processes provided by the Central Business Group of Corporex with respect to the Ovation project, ensure that all bills are appropriately scrutinized, timely processed and paid, and that the reports are accurate as well as timely. Such reports will be incorporated into the comprehensive reporting assembled and presented by the Project Executive.

Schedules and Goals: Take responsibility for setting dates , times, and goals for those who are reporting directly or indirectly to this officer, and cause regular meetings and communications, work sessions to insure that such schedules and goals are being delivered to the best of people’s ability.

Contracts: Cause contracts to be put in place on all activities, purchases, including internal contracts for i.e. construction and design services, and other services provided on an outsource basis, i.e. with the Central Business Group for financing, accounting, and property management. Manage such relationships.

Property Management: Collaboratively work with and assist on delivering the property management functions of Ovation, such functions being provided by Corporex Central Business Group (“CBG”) property management department. Insure efficient and prompt service to the Ovation customers, tenants, and Project Executive as may be directed or needed to ensure a high touch service is delivered.

Loans/Partnerships: Assist or take charge of loans and other financial instruments and partnerships: a) assist CBG on closing of loans, b) negotiate other contract covenants, c) take charge of conducting and controlling all loan draw processes, d) assist with managing lender relationships, d) take charge of insuring compliance performance under the documents. Perform other functions that may be requested of this person with respect to investors and others who extend credit.

Tax Increment Financing (TIF): Work with the CBG to ensure the proper reporting required by all TIF Agreements and or IRB Agreements and otherwise assist the CBG in the issuance of future TIF bonds for the project.

Prepare or cause to be prepared, weekly and monthly reports as directed by the Managing Director. Provide stipulated reports to the Project Executive.

Other: Assist the CFO and the capital staff in securing financing. Assist the Project Executive in fulfillment of his/her role as the Lead Officer on the project, act in a team manner to support all elements and personnel who are involved in any way on the project.

What You Need For This Position:

  • 7+ years’ experience in commercial development/construction.
  • Proficiency in Excel software.
  • Excellent communication skills with ability to make presentations to large groups.
  • Strong leadership and a sense of urgency.
  • Professional and proactive work ethic.
  • Engineering, Construction Management or finance degrees preferred.

Job Type:


  • Bachelor’s (Preferred)


  • commercial development/construction: 7 years (Preferred)