Our Team


William P. Butler

Chairman, Corporex Companies, LLC

Daniel R. Sink

Chief Executive Officer, Corporex Companies, LLC

Thomas E. Banta

Managing Director, Corporex Companies, LLC and Corporex Realty & Investment, LLC

Nicholas J. Heekin

Managing Director, Corporex Companies, LLC, Corporex Realty and Investment, LLC, and Corporex Capital, LLC

Mark R. Arstingstall

Executive Vice President and Treasurer, Corporex Companies, LLC

Leigh R. Buse, CPA

Corporate Secretary/Assistant Treasurer


Daniel T. Fay

Chairman & Founder, Commonwealth Hotels, LLC

Karen McShea

Senior Vice President, Corporex Colorado, LLC

Heather M. Harris

Chief Operating Officer, Five Seasons Family Sports Clubs

Bryan K. Hayes

Managing Director, Corporex Commonwealth, Inc.