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The Art

The Art, a hotel – Corporex Colorado’s newest luxury hotel featuring an expansive collection of contemporary art

Corporex is a privately held investment company with broad holdings throughout the United States. We create investment opportunities for our capital partners through traditional real estate assets as well as an ever-broadening array of other opportunistic investments. Our ability to create exceptional value through these investments is rooted in our 56-year history as a BUILDER.

At the time of our founding in the late 60s Corporex was principally a BUILDER of Buildings. Pioneering in the design/build method of project delivery, Corporex built manufacturing, distribution, and service facilities throughout the Midwest.

RiverCenter, Covington, Kentucky, Corporex Headquarters

RiverCenter, Covington, Kentucky, Corporex Headquarters

As the Company grew, both in terms of size and geography through the 70s and 80s, Corporex evolved from a BUILDER of Buildings to a BUILDER of Businesses – constructing speculative office buildings, hotels and sports clubs for our own account. While the investment in the physical structures remained important the focus shifted to the investment in the talented people necessary to build and manage these businesses. With a hands-on attention to detail and a focus on exceeding customer expectations, Corporex grew to a leading, nationally recognized real estate development company.

It is the lessons learned as a BUILDER over these 56 years that guides our investment philosophy today. Our measure of acceptable levels of risk and reward are grounded in our experiences as an operator of dozens of complex, diverse entities through the up and down business cycles that effect every business.

Today, Corporex controls over $1 billion of real estate investments located in 20 major markets across the United States.